You are in deep space, and nasty one-eyed tentacle toting aliens have broken your spaceship.

Help Robert the maintenance robot on his quest to repair the spaceship, one grid at a time:

  • Trace grid-lines to complete grids!
  • Avoid hungry space monsters!
  • Block monsters with Monster Chew if they get too close!
  • Complete grids before the timer runs out!

Multiple levels of intense grid-completing monster-action and bonus-fueled fun!

How to play:
  • Use arrow keys to turn Robert the robot. Hold the key in the prefered direction and Robert will turn when he gets to the next junction.
  • Complete grids by repariing the lines around them.
  • Avoid the aliens. If they get to close press SPACE to drop monster chew in their path.
  • Bonus is rewarded based on how fast you complete a level.
  • ESC pauses game and brings up the menu.


PS! Ubergridder is inspired by the C64 game Supergridder from the “30 Games”  cassette compilation published by Argus Press in 1986.

Released On

Xbox Indie Live: June 7 – 2010
Windows: June 21 – 2021


Badger Punch Games


Xbox 360 indie live

File Size

42 MB

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