Gravity Run

GravityRun was a physics based shoot’em-up game with puzzle elements that was never finished or released. 

We had a good time working on this game back in the days but we never managed to wrap it up. It’s still an idea that we haven’t fully given up on, and perhaps something we might pick up again at a later point. We decided to include it in our list as a reminder to ourselves to one day perhaps do something about it! 


The Grand Marketing Corporation of Zomega 6. 300 years ago, through a public relations move unrivaled in all the galactic span, became the single most powerful organization in the history of the multiverse. With corporate branches reaching through to all the major parallel econo-dimensional systems the Corporation now controls all aspects of life, liberty and advertising.  

A rebellion has formed! There will be a reckoning! The huddled masses will huddle no more, committees have met, strategies have been formed, and if all goes well, the cosmos will be free(ish) in less than 20 years! (Once all forms have been written up, signed in triplicate and validated by the proper channels).

Enter Anya Ronin, described by one orbital journalist as being hotter than a Zarlouzian Fire Toad swimming in the burning magma lakes of a newborn sun… during the summer.   

She’s gonna take down the corporation.  Why? For Justice! For Liberty! For fruit of the loom! But mostly because she’s cooler than a nitrogen based life-form swimming in the bottom of a barrel of ice-beer!


Physics based environments.

  • Puzzle solving
  • Fun dialogue
  • Action packed shoot’en up
  • Old school, arcade style boss fights
  • Space racing


Gravity Run was developed for Windows and modern consoles in mind back in 2010. 


Released On

Never finished, but worked on 2010-2011


PC + modern consoles

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