Rogue 4K

Rogue4k is a minimalistic Rogue-ish game in under 4000 bytes for the The C64 ‘Cassette 50‘ Charity Competition. 

The compo is now over and the game is released and can be downloaded as a PRG-file, or played in the browser on this page. 

Cassette 50 was an infamous collection of games published by Cascade in 1983 and an early example of shovelware, marketed on the basis of sheer quantity rather than the quality or playability of its games.

This competition is about creating a brand new compilation tape – with any proceeds to be donated to charity – featuring games by C64 developers of all levels of experience, focusing on great gameplay in a mini-game format while still retaining the look or feel of a Cassette 50 game, such as it was!


You are Zendar Slickweed. You have wandered the earth for what felt like eaons looking for interesting dungeons to explore. At last you have found what you are seeking! The dungeons of Rogonia are waiting! 

You are hunting for gold and fame. Mostly fame, but the gold is nice to have too! The only problem is that there are evil cave dwellers lurking in the dark waiting to kill you as you travel deeper and deeper into this cube-like terror maze.


Joystick controls movement. To grab loot just walk over it. To attack monsters, just walk towards them.

Joystick Fire to restart game after Game Over. 

Aim of the game:

Get as far and deep into the dungeon as you can! Get the highest score! 

  • Less than 4000 bytes executable!
  • Procedural generated levels
  • Unique experience for every play-through.
  • Glorious Petscii graphics

Released On

January 15 – 2021


Badger Punch Games


Commodore 64

File Size

4 kb

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