Roguecraft is a retro-inspired turn-based roguelike all about simplicity and fun. Explore procedurally generated dungeons with mysterious potions, scary chickens, and secret rooms waiting to be discovered. 

Can you conquer the maze-like depths and defeat the tentacle-toting final boss? You only have one life, so you have to be careful, but if you reach the end there are wonderful rewards to be gathered!

Pre-orders for Roguecraft will open July 1st!


For time immemorial a legend has been told of a dark, deadly dungeon containing unimaginable horrors and riches beyond belief. Enough riches and magic to make you a king, or more.

You have been searching for this dungeon since you stumbled upon the legend in an ancient Egyptian library many years ago. It started with the rumor of an ancient dark being and a magic amulet. The legend tells of a wakening and of horrors to come. Your search carried you across the world, one riddle at a time.

Through many trials and perils you are now standing at the entrance of a dark and mystical dungeon far from where you started. You, Zendar, a fighter, a mage, or uh, a rogue… are ready to defeat the monsters and gather the riches waiting below! 

You just need to take a leak first.

The dungeons of Mordecoom awaits!


  • Procedural generated levels.
  • Unique experience for each play-through.
  • Quick sessions – most games last 30-40 minutes to completion .
  • Glorious pixelated isometric graphics.
  • Lovely music by Jogeir Liljedahl 

Roguecraft is an enhanced version of Rogue64, our popular roguelike for Commodore 64 machines. Rogue64 won Game of The Year 2022 from FREEZE64 magazine, and was nominated multiple places. Read more about it on the Rogue64 game page. 

How to play:

  • Use a joystick (or arrow keys on keyboard) to move the character. 
  • To attack a monster; walk towards them and it will auto attack. 
  • To pick up items; walk over them. 
  • To use an item in the inventory; press and hold the joystick button (or spacebar on keyboard), select item, and release the button to use. 
  • ESC to end the game, and press F1/F2 to toggle music on/off. 


Roguecraft is made for the Commodore Amiga, but the game can be run on Windows or OSX using emulators. WinUAE for Windows, and FS-UAE on OSX.  Set the emulator in Amiga1200 mode for the best experience. 

Released On

July 1 – 2024



ECS Amiga 500+ with 1MB Chip RAM + 1MB Other RAM or 2MB Chip RAM. Also works with A500 Mini and emulators.

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