We are Norwegian game industry professionals with a passion for retro inspired game experiences. We grew up in the 80’s playing games that we still remember today, not for the graphics, but the great gameplay.

We want to recreate that great experience with present-day graphics and modern themes.

Our mission is to deliver fun games that are easy to get into and hard to let go of.

A couple of the people behind Badger Punch Games:

Ricki Sickenger – Programmer

Ricki is a programmer with a chronic coding itch. He got his first computer, a Commodore 64, in 1986. He started programming in BASIC on the c64.

Ricki is a co-founder and partner in the company that created Darkfall, a Massive Multiplayer Online Game where player freedom and clan warfare are central elements. Darkfall was released on the 25th of February 2009 and has become one of the most controversial and talked about PVP MMOs released. He had multiple roles on the Darkfall project, but mainly worked on early Game Logic framework design and as Lead Tools Programmer.

Ricki moved back to Bergen, Norway after the release of Darkfall, working remotely as part of the Darkfall team.

He has extensive experience as a game developer; designing and implementing the Game Logic framework and as Lead Tools Programmer for Darkfall.

Ricki has held talks on using Java as a game programming language, most recently at JavaBin

His interest in indie game projects has led him to join Badger Punch Games, an indie outfit burning the midnight oil to create retro-inspired games with all of the magic of the 80’s gameplay and modern day graphics.
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Henning Ludvigsen – Art Director/CEO

henning_profileHenning was born in the town of Holmestrand in Norway, and started creating pixel art on the Commodore 64 in the early 80’s. At 16 he focused his love of art by enrolling in a traditional art school. Graduating two years later he joined the world of advertising where he worked on many exciting projects for almost ten years for large Norwegian clients.

In 2003 an ongoing personal project offered the opportunity for a career change and thus Henning moved to Athens, Greece for 9 years where he was working as a partner and Art Director of computer game developer, Aventurine S.A. developing the MMORPG called Darkfall.

He now lives in Holmestrand, Norway, working as the Art Director of Rock Pocket Games in Tønsberg.

He has won several art awards and has participated in a big number of published art books and art magazines around the world.

Henning has worked on numerous card- and board game titles for Fantasy Flight Games, such as; Civilization, Warhammer 40K (Games Workshop), A Game of Thrones (A song of ice and fire), Lord of The Rings, Rogue Trader, Call of Cthulhu, Tide of Iron, Mutant Chronicles, and lots more.

He has also worked with larger international companies like Burton Snowboards and Eidos Interactive. He is also to be found as a columnist and writer for ImagineFX magazine, the worlds largest fantasy and sci-fi related art magazine (Future Publishing).

Henning’s never-ending passion for game development and retro games lead to the start of Badger Punch Games where he’s working on the company’s computer games projects, and offering illustration services.

More information to be found on his site.
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Natascha Röösli – Social media

Natascha was born in Lucerne, Switzerland, and has been working with Henning and Ricki on the mmorpg, Darkfall Online in Greece for many years. Natascha now lives in Norway working with Rock Pocket Games, blogs, social medias, and being a creative person she’s also working with illustrations and art when time allows it.

On top of her creative interests she has been working as a webdesigner and taught webpublishing for over 4 years.  She loves to work with code (xml, html, dhml) and IS mostly working with notepad++.

Check out her creative sides on her site.


PS! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any reason. :-)


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