Meeting Machinae Supremacy
April 16, 2011

Meeting Machinae Supremacy

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Machinae Supremacy is currently in the middle of their European tour with Ensiferum and Children of Bodom, and while having a well deserved 2 days vacation in the southern Athens, they decided to meet the Greek division of Badgerpunch Games.

Henning from BadgerPunch Games, his girlfriend, and a friend/colleague hooked up with the talented musicians and let them take an early prototype of GravityRun for a spin. They also had a good time chatting about games and geeky stuff over some rounds of beer and good food.

Machinae Supremacy. From left: Robert Stjärnström, Johan Hedlund, Andreas Gerdin, Niklas Karvonen


We feel it is important that the composers get to take the game for a spin, even if all you have to show is an early tech test-level only meant for internal use and testing. It can kick-start the creative process and helps getting into the right mood for creating the music.

We were allowed a sneak preview of some work in progress music which sounds VERY promising, and we are very eager to hear the final results.

We wish Machinae Supremacy and their crew the best of luck on the remaining half of their tour!

See full overview of their tour dates here, should you want to catch their concerts when they’re visiting your country!


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