Machinae Supremacy creating music for the badger-hive!
March 4, 2011

Machinae Supremacy creating music for the badger-hive!

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We’re both proud and even a little bit excited in a geeky fashion to announce that BadgerPunch Games has officially made a deal with Machinae Supremacy‘s record label, Spinefarm (Universal), to create soundtracks for our upcoming title; Gravity Run!

Machinae Supremacy is known for having a unique sound, with a blend of metal and retro-style video game music to tickle the inner gamer-geek in all of us, and they made their way by embracing the Internet and using file-sharing to spread their music. So if you for some reason haven’t checked our their stuff, then drop everything and check out their site with albums along with plenty of free songs, or their music videos.

Our lead Gravity Run character, Anya, is looking forward to blast through space with these guys cranked up to 11 in her C.R.I.C.K.E.T spaceship.

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