Gravity Run friday update 2
February 26, 2011

Gravity Run friday update 2

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Another Friday, and it’s time to share some of our latest advances! Gravity Run is progressing steadily, and we’re now really close to having a really nice and smooth camera controller and a functional points system for health, lives, fuel, score, and more.

The first functional version of the main menu is in the game now, and the HUD design is also coming along nicely. We should be able to show this pretty soon.

The design of the first level is progressing nicely, and some fun assets have been added. Huge chambers that will contain bullet-hungry enemies and mind boggling obstacles. Animated doors that open and close on you, along with hydraulic “punchers” that will punch our heroins ship in all kinds of directions making the delicate maneuvers amusingly challenging. Some of this can be seen in the images below:

Click thumbnails below for larger previews.


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